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Optional Extras

Extras General

Extras General

Full Wheel Rim Decontamination


Your wheels are thoroughly degreased cleaned and decontaminated of all iron fall out contamination, washed and clayed. 

Full Paint Decontamination


A thorough degrease and iron fall out decontamination, snow foam pre-wash, car wash and clay.  

Full Paint & Wheel Rim Decontamination


Full degrease and iron fall out decontamination, pre foam snow wash, wash and clay of all paintwork and wheels.

Full Wheel Decontamination & Chassis Clean


Car raised, all wheels removed and thoroughly decontaminated and cleaned, polished, cleansed and Gtechniq C2 Ceramic Sealant applied. wheel arches and under body decontaminated and cleaned. For an additional £30 or £50 (Depending on wheel size), Gtechniq Wheel Armour will be applied to the whole of the wheel and brake calipers. 

Machine Polishing


Price From per stage.

Air Conditioning Sanitization


A Bilt Hamber Air Con Bomb is released in your car, sanitising the air conditioning system and car interior.

Fabric Protection


Price From

Carpets and fabric seats protected with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric

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